About Us

Connect with your local PR and marketing community.

PR Network of the Quad Cities is a volunteer-run informal organization that brings together professionals in public relations, marketing and communications for education and professional development, networking, the exchange of ideas and to socialize with like-minded individuals.

With over 200 members, the group intersects a diverse range of businesses, industries and interests in the Quad Cities. Members meet once a month over lunch for an educational program and networking. PR Network also offers in-depth learning at the annual Half Day Workshop in April, as well as additional networking opportunities at social events.

Members receive discounted fees for all programs, a media directory and an annual membership guide.
PR Network of the Quad Cities is not affiliated with any national affiliation, which keeps our membership and meeting fees remarkably affordable.

With a history that spans 50 years in the Quad Cities, PR Network is well connected to job opportunities and resources in the area, from event planning to non-profit organizations, marketing and PR agencies and corporations.