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Thursday April 3, 2014 - i wireless Center, 1201 River Dr., Moline, IL

7:30-8:00 AM – Registration/Breakfast
8:00-9:00 AM – Keynote Presentation
9:20-11:00 – Sessions and Networking
11:00-noon – Final Session with Keynote Presenter

Nick WestergaardNick Westergaard, Brand Driven Digital
The 3 Cs of Digital Brand Building

With social media, too often businesses focus on all of the different social channels they need to establish a presence on instead of grounding their efforts with a sound social media strategy. By trading the problematic c-word of channel for three other Cs — content, conversations, and community — you can lay a solid foundation for building a better brand online.

With a background in improvisational comedy and psychology, Nick is a dynamic speaker. His style balances evidence-based insights on branding, digital marketing, and social media with a light and humorous delivery that keeps the audience engaged and entertained. In addition to speaking and keynoting at conferences and workshops across the country, he also teaches marketing at the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business.


  1. Local vs. National: How do local businesses compete with national businesses? How do their strategies differ? How do they market to Quad City citizens in particular?
  2. Creating a Marketing Strategic Plan: With an increase in marketing opportunities, it’s difficult to know which ones to focus your time, energy, and money on. Dr. Linda Wastyn will show you how to create a Marketing Strategic plan that will allow you to say “yes” to those options that will support your marketing goals and “no” to those that don’t.
  3. It’s Not About You
    It’s your brand, but it’s not all about you.
    To build a powerful brand, you need to understand your customers and what makes your brand relevant to them.
    Dr. Lynn Manternach, co-founder and Brand Arsonist at MindFire Communications, helps you understand the basics of branding and how consumer research helps provide the insight you need to build a hot brand.
  4. Connecting with People, Visually: Photographer David Lee Mjolsness is one of three senior photographers with John Deere who create imagery that is used to support the John Deere Brand. His presentation will be an overview of how to better connect with people by using photography. With so much of today’s social media becoming more dependent on imagery (Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook), now is a perfect time to learn how to improve your photography.

Closing Session with Nick Westergaard

Pics to Clicks: Social Media’s Visual Revolution — As social media continues to evolve, one reality is coming into focus: brands are becoming increasingly visual. From emerging networks like Pinterest and Instagram to updates to venerable platforms like Facebook, it’s clear that brands that aren’t ready for this visual revolution will get left behind. What does this mean and more importantly how can you prepare your brand?

"Public sentiment is everything.
With public sentiment, nothing can fail;
without it, nothing can succeed."
-Abraham Lincoln